OPPO Full Support

Device brand and model:

model: CPH1969
manufacturer: OPPO

Ratio version:

v name: 3.3.1
v code: 3030104

Problems encountered when using ratio:

Using adb ratio tool to grant the 3 remaining permission does nothing to me theres no pop up to allow usb debugging, i already enable developer settings and usb debugging. I was hoping my request wont be ignored, i really like using this launcher i replace lawnchair over this. Sadly i cannot use all features on this


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I think the issue here is that your phone drivers must not be installed on the PC/laptop that you are using the Desk Tool on. Try installing the device drivers and try again .

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What drivers is that anyway? Cause when i connect my device in pc, it shows pop up like to “Charge Only, Transfer Files, & Transfer Media”

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Anyway the cable that i used to connect on a pc is the cable in my charger. I think its ok right?

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Yeah it should do , try downloading and installing the usb drivers from the link below on your PC and try again-


Ok, will try this.

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I was wondering about this, i see this in app permission

. Is this really different to adb command?

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Im succesfully done, now i can used all the features in ratio, thanks for the driver you sent me sir. At first i thought it was not working everything is on, but ive missed something else i figured out that the “disable permission monitoring” should be on and after that evrything works fine. I consider this thread to close then. Thanks alot sir :pray:

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