Oneplus 7 device not supported

It shows oneplus 7 device not supported

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The issue has been solved. Please reinstall and check

Mine is OnePlus 7 device.ratio is not supported to my phone.i got the mail today.can solve this issue

i reinstall the blloc. same issue is coming… plz solve

Restart your pc and see if that works…

ok. i will try that one.

Exactly my problem with my OnePlus 7 too. Tried reinstalling, restarting and everything I can. Still the same problem

same for me also.plz solve

lets see any update will come from Blloc.

I can confirm that after reinstalling Blloc Desk a couple of times, it’s still doesn’t work for me. For now, I’ll just keep scouring through the forums in hopes that I find a tangible solution to the problem at hand.

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No issues friends. Let’s wait for the Dev team reply. Probably they will update bllocdesk as so many users are facing the issue

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Users identified workarounds:

Run as admin (On PC)
Set usb connection to file transfer
Revoke USB debugging and re enable

Tried the steps you provided. Still doesn’t work.

Stuck at checking for the newest version. Anyone?

Post a screenshot for better understanding

Same error tried almost everything its not working

Me too and I have a OnePlus 7 Pro and I’m not able to install it.

Same thing is happening to me. Not accepting OnePlus 7 as the device

Got the same problem, I’m using OnePlus 7 and it’s giving me the same error even after restart

Sorry there’s no problem with USB DEBUGGING.
The only problem exits is it says that oneplus 7 is not included in there program.