OnePlus 6T not supported

I tried installing Bloc on my OnePlus 6T from my windows laptop as well as Mac but I got “device not supported” error from both.

Which version of Blloc desk are you using. We are assuming that the current version does not have the code yet for the newer devices. This is most likely being worked on by the devs. Thanks for letting us know.

Blloc Desk 0.7.7 (Beta)

same here :frowning:

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Hai @moustady Welcome to the community :blush: and @safi_299 sorry to hear this from both of you… kindly read this first, it may help you to solve the problem

I have the very same error:

Yesterday I managed to install Ratio one time through Blloc Desk, but after Desk told me my device was unsupported I uninstalled Ratio from my device and also Desk on my PC.

There are two bugs when trying to install Ratio through Desk:

  1. When the phone is already plugged in via USB and I open Desk afterwards it directly shows the message in the screenshot above.

  2. When I open Desk first and then plug the device, it sometimes downloads the app, but then stays at 100 % forever. The only way to cancel it then is closing the program.

On a side note, I got my invitation code 14 hours ago and I still can’t manually reset my code on
It still says “E-mail and code do not match” or randomly gives error message 500, 520 or 525.

Just writing this so the “new users read this” doesn’t get spammed again, it’s not helpful at all for a bug like this and the mentioned 6 hours are over.

Here’s the Desk version:

I’m stuck on verification page forever, 6T user

That didn’t help, still says device not supported

Hi, same issue for me. Oneplus7Pro not supported. It was working yesterday, I just faced this exact issue right now

@adityaofficialgupta Please include screenshot. Thanks. Did you install and uninstall?

Yes @jbriones95. I uninstalled it last night, and tried reinstalling it right now.

@jbriones95 Looks like the verification service is working fine now. Was able to verify and install again. Thanks for the amazing support.

Best Wishes

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