OnePlus 6T issues

hey, just isntalled ratio for my OnePlus 6T, however I noticed upon installing Blloc services my swipe up for home (and swipe up for recent apps) no longer works.

is this intended, is there a fix?

Some gestures do not work for certain devices. Please post screenshot, screen recordings on the bug sections, so the developers are able to fix it. Thank you! Welcome to the community!

@safi_299 could you reboot your laptop and try again.

It seems @mochmaster was able to install on 6T

Although I was able to install blloc from apk but I am unable to pair it with my laptop

Yeah i also got it via the apk. I uninstalled Blloc services and ratio. I reinstalled (my gestures work now) but i cant seem to download ratio again

Nevermind, it seems that installing ratio is what causes the gesture issues. Ill add something to the bugs segement.