OnePlus 6 showing unsupported

Today I received an invitation and I was really happy to receive it.
I was going through the process as instructed and I was really disheartened to see an error stating that OnePlus 6 is not supported.
I researched a little further and realised that the OnePlus 6 is a supported devices.
Could any of you help me debug the problem?

Can you please show screenshots and see what’s going on? Have you installed Blloc Desk, are you using Ratio Lite (apk download). Thanks

Please see this as well: New users (please read this first!)

I’m having OnePlus 6T. I faced some issues with the licence key activation when I tried installing it for the first time but I tried re-installing it and the installation was successful. Now it is working fine on my device.


Hi, can you send a screenshot of the “About phone” section in you system settings please ?
If I understand well, this error is showing in Ratio, not in BllocDesk ?

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Same for me. I have a Oneplus 6T. Installed Bllocdesk and everything but when i started installing using USB - it told me that OnePlus 6T is not supported. :frowning: I have been looking forward to testing Ratio out for some time now.

Faced the same issue. Will try reinstalling it again. Hope it works. :crossed_fingers:

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