Oled display ghosting

I am using an OP7 Pro, and recently I found that its pixels take longer to turn on than the screen’s refresh rate, causing pixel ghosting at the edge of every black-to-colour border when scrolling.

With ratio having a lot of black in its theme, with gray tiles every tile has a very noticeable effect. It seems to be a hardware problem on my end, but would it be possible to have a ‘not true black’ mode for the launcher? That way the pixels stay awake and should refresh faster, hopefully removing the effect.

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you can set a lighter wallpaper for your homescreen. Than you have to go to the ration settings -> general -> background opacity. Turn it down and you will see your normal wallpaper.

Thank your for beeing part of the ratio community :+1:

Getting a simple grey wallpaper and opacity 4 did fix it. I hadn’t noticed my wallpaper before this as it was mostly dark. Thanks!

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