Official news blog or channel to follow updates?

hi, i love the app and i’d love to be able to follow what is happening. is there an official place where devs and mods publish updates? to-dos, fixes incoming, expected release date, new functions? previously there was a trello board which is at least something, now it’s not avayable anymore :confused:
it’s kinda frustrating to just rely on the forum, it feels like a closed chamber that does not interact with the development process, and all the communities i’ve found (telegram, fb) are just fanmade, without any actual interaction with the team :frowning:


Hi there,

Here’s a trello Roadmap link…

And there’s a discord server too

The road hasn’t been updated since ratio4 release, it was a nice thing tho.
Is the discord channel something official?

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Regarding roadmap yes they didn’t update for while… Discord is active one and it’s official

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Hey Giacomo, great question.
You can follow us on Twitter or Instagram for bigger announcements.

As for a “development channel”, you’re right, we dont really have this. However, you can join the Discord channel that is community ran, since we (the team and some excellent mods) also post announcements there.

I will also try to be more active there (as well as here) since I know instant messaging makes Discord more appealling for many people.


Unable to join on discord. Your link says “invite expired”

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