nstall_failed_NO_matching_ABIS : Failed to extract native libraries , res = -113

During the installation process I get the following error.

Error Installing

Error happened /data/local/tmp/bllockmode.apk could not be installed
[Install_failed_NO_matching_ABIS : Failed to extract native libraries , res = -113]

Can someone explain what causes this error and how to workaround it ?

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Are you on Android 8.0?

I have the similar issue, I am on version 9 and am using a ZTE Blade 8 phone purchased from Berlin. Can the Blloc team provide some hints please?

Just to clarify, is the ZTE Blade 8 works on a 32 bit processor or a 64 bit one?

ARM Cortex A7 1.30 GHz with 4 cores running at 32 bit address spacing.
Revision : r0p5, GPU Renderer Mali T820.

I hope it helps.

Ah. Ratio right now only works on 64 bit processor. The devs said they’ll look into supporting 32 bit processors.

Thank you for the message. Any idea by when will the update be available ? I guess even Ratio Lite works only on 64 bit systems.

Yes. Both ratio lite and ratio pro only work on 64 bit processor.
I have no idea if and when it will be available for other architectures, considering that most of the new phones these days use ARM64-v8a.

Hello, I had the same problem, I managed to solve it after activating the option “Install via USB” in setting.

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I am facing the same error code but I had already activated the “Install via USB” option. What else can I do?