Notifications not working

I am using ratio my one plus pro 7t and I cannot seem to get the notifications alert on the drawer and tiles. When I go to ratio settings, it shows that the speed of yellow blinking light which I cannot seem to select and edit. Anyone here facing the same issue?

Cannot seem to select anything there n the setting


Same here. Nothing comes up when I get a notification but I still have the option to edit the notification pill speed. (Pixel 4 ver3.1.6)

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I am unable to change the pill speed too. I see a few pictures here where next to the drawer they have w yellow line indicating a notification. In my case that is not showing as well.

Try to go to the phone settings -> “apps and notifications” -> “special app access” -> “notification access” and make sure that ratio is turned on.


That did it. Surprised Ratio didn’t ask for the appropriate permissions when it was installed.

That solved the issue. However I’m unable to select the speed for the pill speed

Notifications are not updated. (All the apps)
Wider tiles are not showing last chat (WhatsApp)
Notifications are visible in notification bar but tiles are not showing anything.
Would love to have a Calendar on left screen.

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Yeah the chat shortcut in whatsapp/any other app is not showing up… is buggy at times…never found a work around for that yet…

This is a bit tricky too. :sweat_smile:
For me it worked when taping & hold on the bar at the right (grey & light grey) and move the finger to the left or right.
Then the speed should increase or decrease.

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Yeah. That’s how it is. That’s the way to change the pill speed

Oh yes! Thanks a bunch guys :slight_smile:

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Always welcome. Everyone is here to help each other to build a stable ratio.


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Mine still doesn’t seem to always work
Here’s the screenshot

It works when the phone’s screen is on and a notification arrives
But doesn’t when the phone is locked
I use a OnePlus 7T

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if you did not install Ratio through BllocDesk, make sure Ratio has the notification access. Settings > Apps & Notifications > Special App Access > Notification Access (toggle Ratio)

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Ratio already has notification access
And I did install Ratio from BllocDesk

Sometimes I get the notification pill and other times, I don’t.

Notifications are fixed and will be updated in new release