Notification pill is broke

Today I got the invitation for ratio lite version I installed it I m very happy everything is working fine but the notification pill is broke, notification pill is not working ld anybody please help me with that. m new at the community… I attached screenshot there is no notification pill

Thank you,

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Hi, let’s see if we can sort this. For me I had to enable it when I installed Ratio.

Try going to

  1. Ratio settings

  2. Open the General drawer

  3. Tap Permissions manager

  4. Scroll down to Tile features

  5. Then Grant access notifications.

I’ve attached some screenshot to illustrate. I’m hoping this sorts you, if not kindly point it out :slightly_smiling_face:

A point to note, its advisable to post queries or any matters regarding Ratio under the Ratio category. That way devs can find any prob you encounter in more easily. That’s why I shifted your topic from General (which can cover matters not related to the launcher) to Ratio.

(BTW loving your username :ok_hand:)


Thank you so much brother got it in previous version it asked permission on its own so it was working fine and I was confused but u explained it wonderfully man thank you so much

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You’re welcome :+1:
Glad to help

Yeah thank you I have clan name decepticons in pubg that’s why megaton lol!
Bro can u tell me how to set whatsapp like this shown in attached screenshots below… Can we set whatsapp like this in ratio light!

You can’t do that yet. That feature is known as the Tree, its a communication hub. Devs are still working on it, but it should be released soon (hopefully)

For now we only have the “Root” and “Drawers”

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