Notification Pill Bug Randomly Placed

Bug description

The blinking notification pill randomly placed while opening drawer.

Steps to reproduce

I just simply open (Other) Drawer by default and the yellow pill becomes relocated inside the drawer.

Device: Redmi Note 9 Pro

Ratio version: v3.2.1:22

You sure you don’t have any notification pertaining to that app?

heres a recent screenshot

Okay…i think the devs have already been informed about this bug…so hang in there…

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@jaishetty007 noted. Thanks

@jawenjaw I don’t think it’s an issue. Your security apps uses avast. For that avast ratio installed via desktop app not by playstore. It’s flagging something is wrong. That’s why notification is there. This kind of similar issue is already posted here. I will try to tag you there if I can find it.

And it’s common for xiaomi devices I guess.

Here you go. It’s very similar and the same issue. It’s not with ratio.

If an app runs in the background, the pill will show. That app is notorious for running even when the user does not get a notification.

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