Notification drawer suggestion

I feel the need to have better notification management with the pill notification. I see that a pill keeps blinking next to drawer name.

But issue arises when some dumb head like me has 300+ apps and most of them (over 250 apps) are in the other folder.

So when I have any notification from one of those 250+ apps, I never know which apps have unread notifications (I usually clear notifications from the drop down to have focus on needed things) once I get some free time. So scrolling begins…

My take is that like the app box has new installs, a notification drawer at the last with apps having unread notifications would be great.

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But lets say you have 150 notifications from all different apps. You would love to have a drawer at the last with 150 apps again? Don’t you think that would waste your time again going through all of them. Again this will be very rare since not a lot of people will have near to 300 apps. Having unread notifications isnt a bad idea. But sorting it cleverly would ease the hassle.


I think it is fine as that would be the last drawer and we always have an option of not expanding / scrolling it. Then, having to scroll between unread notification apps is still better than scrolling among all apps. (Just a thought and personal preference again)

Dynamic sorting is the solution but I have no idea about how much work devs would have to do for it.

Also, this would interrupt with the idea of having a fixed sort of apps to match usage patterns.
Like I have unread notifications, but I wouldn’t want to access them now. Instead I want to use other apps which would be dynamically sorted after all the apps having unread notifications.

Yes the sorting is really important in this. But id also prefer the way of the N9 how notifications and feeds used to go on a separate panel.

Well my idea is also about taking notifications to a separate place. How to handle is the thing we need to figure out

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