Notification Bug in RMX1921

Hey guys,
It’s seems I’m receiving notification from some apps.

Only when I open those app or it runs in background,
I receive notifications of that particular app
(It seems like , I just connected my device to internet and notification starts to pop in of that particular app ).

I’m attaching two screenshot.

When battery optimization is set to INTELIGENT CONTROL , I receive no notification of that app untill I open that particular app or make it run in background.

Only if I set each app’s battery optimization to DON’T OPTIMIZE, then I receive notifications like before.
But it can drain my battery much faster.

Help me
So that I can receive notifications normally and keep my battery optimizied.

Note :-
Device:- RMX 1921 / REALMEXT
ROM:- OxygenOs
Android:- 10

Ratio needs the battery optimization to be set to off for it to work perfectly . There is no workaround to this.

What! how are you running oxygenOS in realme XT? If it OxygenOS your device isn’t compatible with OxygenOS. May be that’s reason you’re facing this issue. Ratio has no relation with with it.

In Realme official stock rom i.e ColorOs
Ratio is working perfectly fine

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How can you say
Realme Xt is not compatible with OxygenOS?

Because It’s not official. It’s developed by some third-party developer. try to Use any officially released ROM and install ratio
You don’t face any issue
Thank you :blush: