Notes - Pinned to Lockscreen Conflicts

When having notes pinned to the lockscreen, it restricts any typical system lock screen override such as dismissing an alarm from the lockscreen or answering a phone call from the lockscreen. You have to unlock the device first then open the app in some way to then have the screen to dismiss an alarm.

Also unlocking the phone via fingerprint scanner is slower with pinned notes, when you put your finger on the scanner it jumps from the new Ratio black lock screen (which looks nice excited for the eventual Ratio style lockscreen) to the original stock 1+ lockscreen, the animation takes much longer when Oneplus devices are supposed to be about speed. Plus when initially waking the device, it quickly flashes the original stock lockscreen before showing the pinned notes/Ratio style lockscreen.

On top of that if you have an app open and unlock the screen with notes pinned it won’t unlock directly to the app you had open it will go to the home screen automatically. I tried this without notes pinned and it worked fine.

I’m using the Oneplus 7 Pro

Love the update guys, keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the report. We’ll pass it to devs.

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I am still facing the same issue you have addressed here… Pinning note on lockscreen conflicts with the alarm… I have experienced the same today early morning where I was struggling to put off the alarm… Later I realized that the lockscreen note is in conflict. Hope developers work on this issue as notes on lockscreen is equally an important feature and alarm as well.