Notes Card Doesn't Expand

An option to expand the Notes Card so it would take up more screen real estate would be nice. Using it in its current state is cumbersome as if notes taken are bigger than a few lines, I have to scroll a lot.

Clicking on the notes card should allow you to expand it. If it doesn’t happen, restart ratio & device

Tried restarting both phone and Ratio. It expands an extra inch at most. Other times, expansion is even more minimal. Also, I was thinking that if the Notes Card came with an option to expand full screen or thereabout, it would help in viewing larger notes at one glance.

Yeah there is no full screen option as of now…but if you are the kind of person who takes a lot of notes…then… it could be suggested

Yeah, either full screen or an expand/collapse option like on the Qwant Cards would be helpful.

Full screen is not available as of now, but it expands for half the screen for me. I don’t know if it’s a glitch on my side or yours

The half way expansion has only worked a couple times. Not able to reproduce now. Have tried restarting app+phone

and tapping on different parts of the card. Sending a screenshot of how much it expands for me most times.

I think this user had a similar concern. That person hasn’t mentioned their device, though.

Used to face this issue, restarting solved it,

Restarted, deleted and added the Notes Card again. It’s worse than before now.

Your device is supported?
Did you install via bllocdesk, try reinstalling (last step)

Yes. OnePlus 6. Installed via BllocDesk but I borrowed someone else’s system for doing so. Will see if reinstalling works if get my hands on a laptop. Thanks.

Kk do let us know

Notes card expanding isn’t pro vs lite issue tho. Reinstall and let us know

Reinstalled via BllocDesk. Did not resolve the issue.

Incorrectly said BllocDesk in previous reply. Installed the Lite version as the error I got was “Premature end of stream. Need one more bytes.” Used the same system as before but it doesn’t get installed now. So, I’m on the Lite version and also the Notes Card issue is unresolved.

Uninstall BllocDesk - download again - run BllocDesk.exe as administrator fixed the issue of premature end of stream

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Followed above mentioned steps.
Getting same ‘Premature End of Stream’ error.
Checked other forums. Have ADB and Fastboot installed as well.
Reinstalled BllocDesk and ran as admin several times. Same error.
I see some other users saying it worked after a few reinstallations. But it has’t for me. Worked without any hiccups the first time. I’m on Windows. Am I missing something?

Try installing on a new user or another system. This is something related to user permissions as I understood while helping another user.

I hope that’ll work. Will try when I get access to one. Thanks.