Not Saving Apps to Drawers

I just installed on my Galaxy S20 Ultra and it looks like it’s working right but when I try to add apps to my own drawers it doesn’t save the apps in there. Here’s what I’m doing:

Long press on drawer > Edit > Select Apps (it shows the apps at the top of the list as selected (with option to unselect) > Done > Back (to close out of the app select window)

When I go to open that drawer it doesn’t open and there’s nothing in there.

Am I missing something?



Hi welcome to the community :+1:
You’re not missing something, his is something most are experiencing including myself (Note10+)

Remember that devs are still working on Ratio so there should be a couple of bugs here and there.

There’s a work around for this issue. Its abit tedious but workable. I answered it in a previous similar question I’m linking below.

Hope it helps


Awesome, thanks! I’ve since discovered a work around but will keep an eye out for updates.