Not able to install ratio pro using Blloc desk

Once when I tried to install ratio pro(Using blloc desk) in the 3rd step it was showing Process successful. But when I tried again even if I allowed debugging on my phone it wasn’t detecting my phone. I tried on different devices but still not able to install it.

What’s your laptop os?

Windows 10 @hnwk

The device you’re using is?

If it’s oppo / Realme
Use this method

@HITMAN I use vivo. I guess this might work.
Btw used ratio for a long time on the same phone and one day I deleted it by mistake and now am not able to install it.

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What error you’re getting when you trying to install

By the way Blloc desk is temporarily suspended for a while… You can install the Ratio launcher from Google play store using this link

And there’s no Pro or Lite version after the public release so you can install and experience all the features for free…

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@HITMAN Any idea when Blloc desk will be back? it’ll be back? @blloc

Thankyou so much for letting me know that there isn’t anything like pro and lite now @HITMAN

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Currently developers are focused on Ratio 4’s stability, Performance improvements and battery management… That’s the reason they halted the bllocdesk for now… It’ll definitely Comeback but there’s no ETA… If it’s coming Mod’s will let us know in this forum… Stay tuned :relaxed:

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Happy :blush: to help you

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