Not able to Install Ratio on Poco F1 (Not able to connect device with BllocDesk)

Hi Team,
As per invitation, I have installed Ratio Desktop on system. But when I am trying to connect my Poco F1 device, it is not able to connect nor identify device in Ratio Desktop software( in step3 process). I am attaching snap from my desktop for reference. Can anyone help me on this

  1. Ensure you run bllocdesk as admin.
  2. Install system wide adb in your XP pc.
  3. Enable USB debugging and install via USB in developer setting.
  4. Ensure you have the mobile connected in file transfer mode.
  5. Turn off mi optimization.
  6. Ensure you are using a cable meant for data transfer.
  7. Try changing USB ports in your PC.

@B_Wrath Thank you for the response, I followed your steps but still, it is the same (on Step 3). Not detecting a Phone.