No Valid License key found

I keep getting this message on my pixel 4xl after installing it. Every time I enter the code it says invalid request body, but that same code works on blloc desktop during installation.

Did you reformat your device recently? That happened to mine and voided the license key.

Nope. Just restarted the phone couple of time to make sure it didn’t get stuck.

It’s a new issue I guess. @jbriones95 please help on this.

Hey @Riteshp!

Make sure to post your information and a screenshot with the dialog you are getting. Also, what version are you using? Etc. Thanks!

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I am also getting the same error message when entering license code. “Invalid request body”. Dev please look into this.
Ratio version:3.1.7

Yesterday it’s not happened. Juts today I noticed

Version is 3.1.7. I also tried to uninstall the ratio and installed it again and I still keep on getting the same error message. Though it does tell me on my desktop that the installation was successful.

this is exactly the same problem i am also facing.

Hey! are you using any antivirus applications?

No. Its working fine till yesterday. But today its shows this error.

Avast hasn’t shown any error til yesterday for you, did it?

when any component of an app is blocked and removed, you can’t expect it to work as intended. I guess that’s the issue behind it, let’s check.

With my limited knowledge I can only obtain results by trial and error, sorry!

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Hello, just installed newest Blloc Ratio on my OnePlus 7 Pro and the issue happened immediately. I do not use antivirus applications and the error is just the same (“Invalid request body”) Seems like a serious bug

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Did you input code on the Blloc Desk app?

I have followed Blloc desktop installation steps. I have input the license key on Blloc desktop before Ratio was installed on my phone. After successful installation process Ratio launched on my phone and asked for the code. This is where using the license key triggered the error. Does the user need to re-enter the code on Blloc desk? Haven’t seen any popup there

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I haven’t faced such issues where it asks for code after successful installation through Blloc Desk. Let’s wait for reply from devs.

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I’m also stuck at the license verification on the phone.
Worked flawless on PC.

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Yes, I have a Kaspersky on.

Yes after that it moves on to installation step and then I also get the installation complete prompt and on the phone it tells me to re-enter the invitation code.

@Riteshp @freyjasasi I honestly believe anti virus modules on your devices are causing issues here.