No valid licence key found on this device

Hello. Yesterday I factory reset my phone. Today when installing ratio it says “No valid license key found on this device”. It install from the PC with the same key but the key is invalid while enter in the phone.


You need to do factory reset. You need a new code now.

Please don’t do factory reset. Look into the issue shared. It’s exactly same your are in now. @jayanta

I had some issue in my phone so I reset my phone. I didn’t know that the code won’t work after resetting my phone.

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Please wait. Let the Dev decide. Probably they will help for unexpected scenarios. Hope and wait.


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I ain’t resetting anymore. Can you link up the page please? @freyjasasi

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I’m stuck too​:sob::sob::sob:. I didn’t know resetting would end up this way​:sob::sob::sob:

No worries. Please wait. Let them help. It’s a weekend. Let them reset the codes. They will probably help but please wait.

I won’t reset my phone again.:pensive:

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I have the same problem now after factory reset of my oneplus 7 pro.

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Ya. Hope dev sort it out and fix this soon. @adham @olivier

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Please Dev @Ismael @adham @olivier solve this issue. I know that there are lots of people in queue to get their invitation code. But the wait is killing me.

hi everyone apologies for the delay we had loads of internal work to do and were working cases fifo.

Here are 5 new codes please everyone just comment the one you used so others can use another:


if the code works to install ratio but phone still shows a missing license please mention your old code so we can reset the liscense. We will set up a fix for all that asap.


Thank you @adham. It install from some code but from some some it says the code is assigned to another phone PC but on phone it show invalid licence. Please reset my code it is 2FENk__Dk

Thank you @adham with some of the code I can Install from PC but when input the same code in phone it says invalid code. With the other code can’t install from PC it says code is assigned to other phone.

Please reset my code I received 2FENk__Dk.

Thank you.

As I told the code which allow me to install from PC but fails in phone. So I install with that code in PC and for mobile part used other (last) code. Its successfully verified in phone.

used the sWrNG7P0_ one. Thanks!

Not working for me.:cry:

I mean I used the first one. Try out the other codes for your case

Used the last code. Thanks.

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Thank you for the new codes.

I tried 3QbSriGAaM

Same problem as my previous license.

  1. Works to install Ratio from BllocDesk
  2. BllocDesk says it’s been installed successfully.
  3. Ratio shows Invalid License message on the phone.

So, it’s not the license.

I used HTTPCanary to see what was happening with my phone, and I got the following: