No System Wide Monochrome

Hi All,
I’m confused.
I have noticed some users complaining about the lack of colour in Ratio 4 ie Greyscale across the entire device.
My Ratio installation ran in colour from the start even before I enabled the extra permissions.
I would like to have my Ratio run in permanent Greyscale but cannot seem to achieve this.
In coloured mode I can swipe in from the corner to achieve temporary Greyscale but that goes back to colour the instant I leave the opened App.
Is it me ? , am I doing something wrong ?
If anyone can clarify what the default behaviour should be and if I have the wrong settings enabled
or can help in anyway I would appreciate it.
Many Thanks.

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At the moment you can’t turn on greyscale system-wide. It’s meant to be used on an app to app basis. The default behaviour should be that you can turn off color for specific apps. If you use an app without color but you need it, you can use the assistant gesture to temporary activate color.

Hope this helps. :innocent:

Edit: you can turn off color for specific apps in the app settings which open when you long press a tile.

Thank you for your excellent explanation.
I just couldn’t work it out but now I’m all good :+1:

I have an opposite problem on my OnePlus 7T… Somehow… When I use Facebook or Instagram they automatically start in greyscale which is fine for me. But when I switch the screen off and back on the in-screen fingerprint sensor is greyscale and doesn’t recognize the fingerprint… That’s a bit strange. I then need to swipe up and enter my PIN manually…