No support for side based back gesture in Nokia 5.1 plus

Device brand and model:

Nokia 5.1 plus

Ratio version:

Problems encountered when using ratio: Ratio could not use my phone’s android 10 sideways swiping which I am really fond of by now. I had to resort to the bottom based navigation


Hello @Mwamure, welcome aboard!

In Android 10 (and earlier versions too; I’m not too sure with Android 11), the swipe gesture navigation may not be permitted for third-party launchers (like Ratio). Unfortunately, this is a limitation set by Android, so it isn’t really possible for Blloc to do anything.

On the other hand, there is a workaround; the only two caveats is that you’ll need to be interacting with the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and the swipe gestures will only apply for one session (meaning that if your phone powers off or restarts, you’ll need to do it again). Here’s an article that points out how you can do that:

Hope this helps, and welcome once again!

Welcome to the community! This subforum is for requesting support for devices that are not yet supported officially. If that was your intent, I’d like to remind you to follow this post and edit your post with the specified details.

If that wasn’t your intent, I’ll soon close the thread since this is, like @areoen explained, not a bug. :blush:

I use side swipe to go back and it works flawlessly in the main screen. It is glitchy only in the settings page.

Is it the same case with you?

@areoen @Nostalgia the android gestures which don’t work on 3rd party apps is the pill gestures. Other than that, all other navigation gestures work.

No, once I use block the nav bar resets to two button layout

@B_Wrath On my OnePlus Nord the navigation gestures (swipe from sides to go back ect.) work perfectly (must have something to do with OnePlus). And Samsung also made them work recently if I’m not mistaken. But there are still lots of phones where they just don’t work yet and there’s nothing on Bllocs side that could be done.

@Mwamure if you are familiar with ADB you could try this, otherwise I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient and maybe use the two button layout.

@Mwamure also I must very much pressure this again as it seems you didn’t take notice. Filling out the template for unsupported devices is NOT optional…