No ratio on home screen option (Redmi 8)

Device: Redmi 8

Ratio version:3.2.023

Problems encountered when using ratio: There is no ratio app on my home screen option. I’ve already downloaded the blloc services with the download provided.

(Sorry, there wasn’t any screenshot that I can show yet)


For pro Can't install ratio on my device (Redmi 7A)

First of all Welcome to the Community, then if you want to install via Ratio Light then just installing from the Blloc services app won’t help. After you’ve downloaded both the apps using Blloc services then head over to Xiaomi’s default File Manager. In the File Manager open the APKs section in there you will find the Ratio APK and Lines icon pack APK. Simply install then and you will be good to go and if you don’t find the APKs then repeat the process once again and you should find the APKs this time. Hope it helps. BTW keep in mind that Ratio Light won’t give you access to all features for that install Ratio Pro via BllocDesk.