No Ratio Assistant

I am ratio 4 as my default launcher and granted all the needed permissions…
I am not getting option to set it as default assistant on my device. The only option available is google and none.Hence colour mode with home button isn’t working.
Im using redmi note 10 pro Miui12.5

As far I am aware that feature (Monochrome) was disabled for the time being. They are reworking it.

I was wondering if some kind of gesture for toggling between color and grey will be coming back soon. On my OnePlus 7T I only get this annoying Google assistant when swiping from a lower corner in… Any infos on that @anon44032468 ?

As I said I’m using ratio 4…it was working earlier
However I manage to fix it by installing a earlier version then updating it later

@derkolarsky @anuragom2002 Hey. Yes, we are still working on bringing this feature back to Ratio v5+. Thanks for your patience.

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