No more customization

Concept of ratio was less distraction and more focus on social life.But we are using more time in customization of ratio and app size of ratio is increasing day by day.Ratio should make default settings that should be unable to change like automatic app drawer for app and new app. User should not have full access on them. Just provide default settings and decrease size of ratio like other essential launchers less than 10mb with inbuilt app icon.
In my opinion I’ve suggested best default settings.
All you should do is fix the bugs and work on tree and no more customization.
:heart::heart::heart::heart:big love from india :india:

I won’t comment on your suggestion too extensively. I guess everyone thinks that his/her settings and suggestions are the best ones…

Well, what I want to say: Please post feature requests, as this is basically one, on the ratio wish list and don’t spam the normal ratio forum. :yum:

Also I’m pretty sure that the Developers will NOT consider removing all the features that YOU don’t want just because you think your suggestions are the best. There are A LOT of other users that like the features you don’t want. You are not the only user of this launcher.


Ok i agree with you