No gesture features after using ration launcher in 1+7T pro

*Ratio launcher is not supporting for default gesture features
*Double tab function is also not working
*not able to set Wall paper
*While using home button ration launcher showing OnePlus home screen

Hey @Ela, welcome!

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Considering that Android 11 was released a few days ago, I’m not certain whether your OnePlus device has received such update. If not, you may not be permitted to use the full extent of the gestures in third-party launchers (like Ratio). If I recall correctly, this is a limitation placed by Android (10 and earlier) and one that Blloc can’t do anything about!

Currently, Ratio doesn’t have support for custom wallpapers; you’re now bound to only having a black (in regular mode) or white (in Sun mode) background for now. Unless you’re referring to setting the lock screen inclusively, changing the home screen wallpaper won’t make it show up in Ratio.

These are all the questions I can answer so far, but I hope they help! Thanks for hopping onboard.

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Hi thanks for ur reply
Can u guide me to set default wall paper in OP 7T Pro
With screen shot

Android 10 have the features of swipe down to open notification panel.
It is there in OP 7 PRO default launcher.
But ratio launcher is not having that feature.
It will be good in ratio lancher

What’s weird though is the fact that I’m able to use gestures on my OnePlus Nord which is still on Android/OxygenOS 10, not 11.

That would collide with the gesture that is opening the last drawer.

In that case, I may have been mistaken then. Apologies for the error! I’m not a OnePlus user, and so I’m not 100% certain when it comes to OnePlus-specific settings. Thanks for the clarification.

“While using home button ration launcher showing OnePlus home screen” that sounds to me like Ela might not have set Ratio as the launcher

Nope… At present my default launcher is ratio launcher only.
If you swipe down tiles will open or collapse…due to this feature notification panel may not come down while swipe down

Can anyone share the screen with wallpaper pls…

Anyone can guide me to acknowledge the notifications without opening specific application…is that feature is available in this launcher… Notification line is blinking continuously…it is not coming back to normal till opening the specific app.
It is taking process opposite to the launcher purpose

No the notification pill will blink only when the notification is present in the notification shade . Just swipe and remove the notification and the pill will stop blinking.

You mean the Ratio wallpapers ??

Yes while applying wallpaper it is asking to choose OnePlus launcher so while pressing home button first OnePlus home screen will appear then ratio launcher main screen will come

Rather than using one plus launcher for setting the wallpaper use the gallery app (in the screenshots uploaded above) to set the wallpaper . I believe this will sort out your issue.

Nope still the issue is there… I hv selected gallery instead of onpls lanchr

@jbriones95 @B_Wrath @BobbyV8
Maybe you could solve this ?

Which problem?

Applying wall paper