News is the biggest let down

Hey Blloc, I’ve loved the experience with Ratio, but the ultimately let down has been my access to my relative news articles and providers.
No longer having access to my Google News feed has been challenging to ignore, I often find myself flicking to this page on my pixel to see the headlines that represent my interests.

I absolutely love the way Blloc have set up News and the headlines are presented. I find this is actually a revolutionary change to consuming headlines and news.

But being unable to curate or access news of interest is really disappointing and an enormous roadblock for me to continue using Ratio.
I would want to be able to get news from all/any websites, newspapers and even reddit.
it seems to be limited to only some sources.

But as it stands News in Australia is just woefully disappointing.


Hi @Pav

Question: if you select “news” in root and then slide to the very right… There should be a field called “add source” or similar. If you then type Google you get presented different Google news feeds…

Or didn’t I get your point?