New users (please read this first!)

Hello new users!

Welcome to the community.

When new users just arrive their codes need to authenticate with the servers. This takes a couple of minutes for some or hours for others. Please give it sometime and try again.

IF after 6 hours, you have no resolution to your issue, please create a bug report with screenshots and detailed information! Thank you for your patience and again welcome to this community.

Moreover, If after sometime (6 hours or more), it still doesn’t work, please refer to this thread and reset your code through the link in there: No Valid license // Reset Invitation Code yourself

Here is a video for new users (Version 3.1.9):

If you want faster interaction with some of the users here, please click the following link and join the Discord Group (This link is set to never expire):

Please try installing and reinstalling BllocDesk, that solves it for some users.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you stay engaged in the community!


There is no need I guess. My friend just received ratio light installing mail without bllocdesk.

Pro features is graysacle mode and icon change as of now when you install via apk

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Pro features are working without blloc desk?

No not possible it needs correct permission

I managed to get the process done on Blloc Desk but then Ratio isn’t installed on my device and I get an error taht say code already used.

Can anyone share 3.1.9 apk so I can verify directly if it works

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I received the activation code but I’m not gonna use it for the moment, because I have a note 10+. I’d like to suggest to blloc developers to introduce a better way to give away codes and give priority first to all those users with already compatible devices. Because for now all Samsung devices compatibility is TBA yet.

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Do I need to install via BllocDesk for monochrome mode?

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Yes. You do. I’ll be making a Ratio Lite vs Ratio Pro video by the weekend so users are aware of the differences


Our new animated dp for the Discord server is here

In case you have issues with the current Invite link, here we have one


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Are you trying to install the light version?

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is there a pro version?? it says on my email free pro … but the installer is light …

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Pro means installing via Blloc desk

Light means installing via .apk (link in email)