NEW USER FAQ (Updated Every Week)

Hey New User! Welcome to the Community. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions AND bugs that many have had in the past. If you have an issue that is different, please post. Otherwise, please browse this FAQ for an answer.


  • How do I install?
    Here is a guide to install Ratio --> GUIDE

  • Can I use Linux to Install?
    Yes you can. While it is not official, here is an user guide that works --> GUIDE

  • Xiami Mi and Pocofone 1 Installing Instructions
    This devices have been having a lot of issues, here is a guide that makes it easy!! --> GUIDE

  • Is Ratio Available in other languages?
    Not yet! But users are working with developers to make it available in different languages soon :slight_smile:

  • My version of Android does not work
    As of right now, Ratio works on Android 8.1 and above, please wait as Devs work on backward compatibility. There is also an issue with some processors even with Android 8.1, usually it is on Xiaomi and Samsung devices

  • Ratio Light is not installing or downloading. It keeps trying to install, but its on a loop.
    Make sure to clear the cache via settings. That usually makes it download and install :slight_smile:

  • Unsupported device error while installing on supported devices
    Make sure you run Blloc desk as admin, have all necessary drivers (I suggest installing fastboot and system wide adb), make sure USB debugging is turned on & USB connection is set to transfer files. If problem persists Reinstall BllocDesk and follow above guidelines

  • Unsupported device error while installing on unsupported devices
    This is normal. Please help devs by posting screenshots on your device by following this.

  • Ratio Pro Vs Ratio Lite
    Check this Ratio Pro vs Ratio Light
    and this

  • Invite code already used/bound to another device
    Reset it from

  • App Lock doesn’t work
    Allow accessibility permission for app lock in settings

  • Notification Pill / Double tap to lock doesn’t work
    Allow notification and usage access to Ratio in settings

  • Greyscale doesn’t work for me
    Ratio Light / Lite doesn’t support Greyscale

  • Dark and Bright highlights doesn’t work
    Turn off Focus mode

  • Can we use both Google assistant and Ratio assistant?
    No, not at the moment

  • Is my device supported?
    Check road map™-roadmap

  • We did not get Invites to the community
    We hit the invitation limit. It’s supposed to be resetting soon and we’ll invite more.

  • Invalid Code (resolved)
    Server issue due to a new wave of invites.

  • Installed Ratio Lite, now I want Pro (Only Supported Devices)
    Reset it from, then install via Blloc Desk

  • Can I use Parallel Apps/Work Profile?
    Indeed, it is enabled with 3.2.7

  • Videos on Ratio
    Latest Big Update (3.1.9, 3.2, 3.2.6)
    Ratio Light vs Ratio Pro (Video)
    How to Install Ratio (Video)
    Ratio Guide for Beginners (

  • Is there a Discord
    Yes. There is a user discord for quick chats, support, etc. Link --> (Here)

  • Email and Code doesn’t match
    Servers are updating. Please wait. If after 8 hours, you are still having the issue, message support on the page :slight_smile:

  • How do I update Ratio
    Blloc services does it for you. Check there when an update is available.


  • I cannot add drawers
    It is a bit tricky at the moment and devs are working on it!!

  • YouTube Card Not working. Known issue. Please comment on this thread.

  • Adaptive Brightness Bug. It resets the brightness over and over again. Solution: Restart Ratio


I watched your youtube video it helped me alot to figure ratio out :slight_smile: thank you so much

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Android 10 gestures are not supported. Please provide support as soon as possible. This is a limitation of Android 10. Android 11 is rumored to allow them :slight_smile:


You are the quickest community when it comes to customer service. Thanks I’ll appreciate that.


You can use and 10 gesture… It’s possible via adb command just search for “force enable android 10 gesture in 3rd party launcher”

However you may face it bit buggy while using in 3rd party launcher becoz it did.

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Help me with this I’m having same problem

Loving the Update :).

Just got into Ratio Pro, but I love it so much. Takes a few minutes to get used to it, but it is worth it.


I have been using Ratio for almost a month and loving it. I do have a question though. Right now I am using Ratio Pro on my Oneplus 3. Lets say after some time I update my phone to Oneplus 8 or Nord, then will I have to buy Ratio Pro or I can install it on new phone by using the invitation code I have received?

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I recently changed phone ( due to ab unfortuante incident with the floor), I reset my code at and was able to reinstall Pro on the new phone


Thanks for clarifying. I will keep it in the mind… :blush:

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I’m facing battery drain issue it takes around 10% even phone is on standby


It might help to address your issue by disallowing Ratio to run in the background. You can change that setting under Ratio’s app info. which can significantly help to reduce your battery usage further. I myself have tried doing so and noticed quite a significant change.
Disable bllocdesk connection in Ratio settings.
If not required you can disable the News from the Root section.