New update ratio v3.2.6 available now

How to update to ratio v3.2.6.its not showing in blloc services app.
@jbriones95 made a video in youtube. But I am not able to update via blloc service. Any suggestions.
Anybody got the update.please let me know

3.2.6 update:

  1. Calculator card
  2. Search engine option
  3. App rearrange in tiles a-z
  4. Backup and restore
    And bug fixes.


The video came out earlier than it was supposed to. Sorry lol. It’ll come soon. Devs actually added a new design and that’s what delayed it. Thanks for everyone’s patience!

Btw. We are closer to more new stuff coming out so stay tuned!


Oh ok. Thanks for the update

very happy for the devs

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When will we get this update?

Is automatic restart issue fixed?

Is black screen issue fixed?

Safe to say update will be out soon.
Black screen / random restarts have been addressed but we’re yet to eliminate them. Possibility of occurrence still exists.

Next update post 2.6 could be fixing them.


And I kept checking for updates after the video too. :sweat_smile:

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Same here. Checked 10+ times

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We’re so gullible

Update released

Galaxy s8

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Backup for tiles is cool stuff


Please if black screen is still occurring, show up.

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