New to Ratio but having a bad experience

I I have a Samsung note 20 ultra and I’ve been constantly looking for minimalist launcher. I was using Niagara launcher until I came across Ratio. But, I just don’t know how to set it all up!
Anyone got any detailed manual?

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As someone that used Niagara launcher for quite some time myself, I gotta admit that Ratio must look complicated like hell in comparison. Still, it provides way more features and in my opinion, provides them in the most simple way I can imagine.

I’d say that you could start with the onboarding if you haven’t already done that. You can rewatch it in the ratio settings under the general category.

Otherwise I’d advise to just take one or two moments and get familiar with everything by trying out. After using everything once, which is not that much, you’ll be able to use everything Ratio has to offer, which might be quite something in comparison to Niagara, but only useful stuff in my opinion.

If there are concrete things you’d like help with, just reply here. :yum:


welcome to ratio :partying_face:
Every user face this at the beginning. Explore every option then you’re gonna love ratio. And there are plenty of videos in YouTube regarding customisation of ratio.
Ratio has a option to catagarise apps it will help you

If you still face any issue with features
Check whether all permission are granted in permission manager