New member Verification code

I just got the invitation link today when will I be getting the verification link for Ratio

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I think you already got. Search in promotion or some different folder in mail. It will there most probably

Nope I looked through my entire mail

Oh. Moderators will look into this. Or DM to blloc, they will help you.

How can I Dm blloc?

@siddhanth.bangera68 Hey i got an invitation to join the blloc community today. But there is no verification code in the same mail or have i got any other mail with a code. Since we both face the same issue, Did you find a solution to the problem?

You will be getting two emails, one for joining the Blloc community and the other having the invitation code. Try looking inside the Promotional or Spam folders. You can search by typing ‘Blloc Inc’ on the search bar.

Same here. Got the community invite almost 20 hours ago, checked all my mail folder, no other email, unfortunately. Does it usually take this long?

I did a compete mail search no mails from “Blloc” for invitation code. I got my community invite an hour back. @VB1 did you get your invitation code immediately after the community invite?

Yes i got both the mails together. I think there might be a delay on the server side.

Hey, I got my invitation code after a few hours. Have been using the launcher. It’s amazing but it surely is a beta. But very much usable.

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