Need Help installing Ration on my OnePlus 6T [Solved]

How do install it on my phone? I can see that people have installed it on OnePlus 6T from the earlier posts, but I just get the error that my phone is not supported.

I tried to install it using the Blloc Desk application. The moment I enable USB Debugging, I got the error.

Can you please post a screenshot? Thank you!

Hey, so I tried to install it again to get the screenshot this time, but apparently it started installing properly this time. But, just to explain the issue that I encountered earlier, there were 2 pop-up, one with a lot of javascript errors and the other saying that your device is not supported.

That’s all for now I guess, I just finished installing it on my phone.

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Hi I have the same problem

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Welcome @safi_299 to the community :blush:
kindly go through this thread , it may solve your problem :v:t3:

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Buddy, others too faced issue via Blloc desk. I installed Ratio via Blloc services app on device(link is present in invite mail). It worked perfectly. Asked me invite code and boom!, ratio installed.

I too got that error on one plus 6. I sent an email to support they did something at their end and my problem was solved. You can try now, if the problem exists send a mail to support.