My Review on ratio after playstore launch

0 literally 0 complaints for the closed beta, a few minor bugs would get fixed evrry now and then, so…

1 I can’t no more pin cards in root?
2 I have blloc on 2 phones Samsung note 9 & OnePlus 6, I initially got beta ratios, I changed the note 9 to playstore app and I feel like I’m loosing stuff from the original closed beta features like
3 being able to have the Spotify player near drawers
4 I’d want to reposition the drawers, for now it’s just center right
5 why not make em more custamizable like have a few click the folder name to open apps within then a media player then just sqaure apps, u know like windows …
6 id like to change the yellow colour to something else like dark blue to suite my note 9, maybe introduce a colour wheel…
7 I’m a paid user of Todoist so I’m more into Todoist than the default notes, I love the notes but Todoist gives more power, so widget creations or integrations would be great
8 the calendar is being a bit buggy if I have too many on a given day
9 Google search must open in Google app, taking it to browser is a bit slow
10 I miss blloc desk is it being discontinued??:pensive::pleading_face::pleading_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:
11 I use a lot of your phone and Samsung flow would love to bllocs versions, clean and minimalistic is dope,
12 do closed beta people like me get any discount for the pro/when tree comes out
13 omg when is tree coming out :pleading_face:
14 these are my experiences and my opinion and feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your feedback!

There seems to be a mix of problems and suggestions; for ease, though, I’ll split your entire thread into the wishlist thread. For your issues, I would strongly encourage you to consider creating threads about them individually. Before creating a thread, make sure that your issue is unique; if it isn’t, consider simply replying to an existing one!

Allow me to answer some of your questions:

Take a look at Adham’s post regarding Ratio and Blloc’s movement from the public release:

BllocDesk won’t be discontinued, but is temporarily suspended. This action had to be done to ensure that more attention and manpower is allocated towards the development of Ratio instead of other side projects. It seems that Blloc is also taking up more interesting leaps - including Ratio 4, Ratio Widgets on iOS, and the Tree. Do give them some time before development begins once again!

According to the post, the most active of beta users will be awarded a year of Ratio Pro. Afterwards, Blloc will also award three months of Ratio Pro for the next group of people who have contributed significantly.

The Tree is right around the corner! We’ll need to wait just a little more before it releases for beta testing.

I hope this helps! Thanks for your contribution once again.


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