My initial thoughts on the app launcher

For the past one-week i have been trying Ratio launcher in my Oneplus 8 pro. I have used ratio launcher during its initial days ( By downloading apk file), But couldn’t continue using it because of limited features. Now i feel like it has improved a lot and it has some unique features compared to other launchers. Now ratio is my default launcher and i am planning to continue using it. As the launcher is still being developed, i would like to share some of my thoughts so that it may be helpful.

Phone model - Oneplus 8 pro
Launcher version - 4.3.0

  1. Having too many apps will clutter the launcher. I have almost 90+ apps and sometimes i feel little difficult to find some of my apps. So i made a drawer with name frequent and added my regular apps there for easy access.

  2. Dragging and dropping of apps in the home page is not smooth enough. Sometimes it will get stuck while dragging and other app icons will start rearranging automatically and flickering.

  3. I have enabled tree (WhatsApp). Sometimes conversations in tree will not get updated if i send message directly by opening WhatsApp.

  4. Newly installed app may not get listed in launcher. I had to restart launcher to see the app.

  5. Issue with cards in root. Swiping right on the cards will show options to Pin/Delete listed cards. But it will work sometimes only. Most of the time i accidently select something from the card or will reach drawer page.

  6. Not able to add widgets

7)Some animations are not smooth.

  1. No consistency in toggles provided in settings page.

New features that may be good for me if included,

  1. An easy way to go to the top of drawer list. A gesture may be. Presently i have to scroll through entire list from bottom to top and it feels not good if many drawers are open.

  2. Widget & Frequent apps list

  3. Showing app name along with conversation in Tree. Ability to Mute, Block conversations from Tree

  4. Snoozing option in Tree.

  5. If all app notifications are going to be shown in future version of Tree, then ability to separate messages and notification may be a good idea. Also, separate work space to avoid clutter and increase focus.

These are just my thoughts and it may help.

Thank you