My experience with Ratio Installation and usage

Hello All,

In my experience this morning of installing Ratio on my Pixel 4 using the Windows installer, I have encountered that the Ratio is not working right after the installation. I had to restart the device as it was constantly asking for “device usage access” permissions even though they are already provided during the installation. Once I restarted the tiles came up after I selected Ratio as the launcher. Please find my points below which are my observations.

  1. Ratio didn’t start immediately after installation. It took a restart to start properly
  2. I didn’t like the way services installed on the phone, I had to uninstall 6 different apps from my phone to completely remove ratio from the phone. I know it is beta but I am making sure to notify this in my post so the developers can go through and make a point of it. They were Icons pack, Blloc Services and Ratio which installs another set of same 3 apps for work profile which I do not like. I have work profile set up on my phone.
  3. the Root doesn’t work properly. I am a very big fan of Google app opening on the left and I am also a fan of monochrome styles which pulled me into browsing through Ratio or Blloc. But I sincerely think there should be a manual setting to override the Root screen and replace it with our own app or news feed page.
  4. I tried News and youtube from the Root. News worked by showing a glimpse of the headlines I have selected, But, opening respective article failed with some error. Youtube didn’t work and I didn’t look much further to dig why
  5. This is about this forums and the bullet points in this summary block doesn’t work (Just a feedback)

A monochrome lover

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Appreciate the suggestions!!! I’m sure the team will definitely consider them :slight_smile:


Yes, I hope they do :slight_smile: