Most of the functionality is supported by Honor Play by default , why dont you try supporting it

issues in honor play

  • sun mode not working
  • Focus mode not working

and few layout issues(even oneplus devices also facing as these models are officially supported by Blloc)

other than that all functionality is working fine. Please make honor play to your supported device. :wink:

Please support @olivier @Ismael @Sylvia

Please look into it.

They are working hard!! Thanks for understanding @freyjasasi :slight_smile:


@freyjasasi We have noted your messages here, via email and twitter.

Beta is currently only open for OnePlus 7s and Pixel 4s, but we are working on taking Ratio to the next stage so we can share it you and a lot of other users on different models.


Hope it will happen soon. Eagerly waiting for Ratio to support Honor play and other device models who don’t have pixel or oneplus