MIUI Security App Keeps Blinking

Hi guys, as you can see, the MIUI 11 Security App keeps blinking EVEN without any Notification from the app (see the image below).

Are you guys aware of this? Any solution?

Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8
OS: Android 9 (MIUI 11)

It’s happened for me also when initially installing via apk but it went off when updating through bllocdesk. It was flagged as virus by avast. If you also has avast then it might be a problem

I installed Blloc Ratio using the Desk. And I don’t have Avast. :frowning:

What security engine is powering inside security app

Just checked. It was Avast. But now, I changed it to AVL. What now?

Oh. It’s just some sandbox something. I don’t know exactly. But wait till Monday. If any update you got and use install it via blloc services app then ratio will not get flagged by security apps.

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Yes, I have the same problem too !!
This can be due to the persistent notifications that these apps send all the time.

if you use a 3rd party notification panel app and you could find a persistent notification from security app as well as notes app in few cases.

@waypoint89 @sivakailash18 you can go to app info > notifications & turnoff the persistent notifications from the app so that notification pill stops blinking. We’ve requested for a solution to ignore persistent notifications and devs are working on it.

Nothing to worry with security thing, as this is just an issue to over ride persistent notifications.

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