MIUI Gestures and Colorswitch

I use a Mi Mix 2 and have been loving ratio so far, there’s just 2 things bugging me a bit.

The Gestures built into MIUI are great in my opinion and I would be sad if I couldn’t use them, but I can’t bring up google assistant with these gestures and thus can’t change the colors from monochromatic to full color or the other way around while in apps. I would love to see a solution for this, I would suggest having a dedicated button in the MIUI control center for it, this also makes it useable for people who don’t want to miss the Google Assistant button or squeeze.

I would also like to see integration of google home in the root, when I was still using nova I had a custom widget for all my lights and stuff and I really miss that now I have to go to the google home app each time.

I hope you guys have use for my feedback, keeping doing what you do devs! You guys are awesome!

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