Minor UI Suggestion for Root

I have a very Minor UX suggestion for you guys but I feel like it would go a long way

  1. When swiping to get the delete and pin option, it would be so much more convenient if I could just hold it anywhere and Drag to the right, instead of just the left edge (Similar to Gmail). The 7 Pro and most phones nowadays are so big now that it gets a bit annoying when using one-handedly.

  2. When swiping to the right, I think the cards should swipe to where it’s meant to sit instead of allowing it to be swiped indefinitely and then recoiling back to it’s intended position. It would feel much more polished and less flimsy.

Of course, this is just my humble opinion so I’m curious what the community thinks about this too.


This has been suggested :slight_smile: thanks for adding your voice :smiley:

I felt the same struggle with my op, almost rage quit fighting with android back gesture and deleting a card…

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