Minor thing: Permission "Modify System Settings" info popup

In the popup that explains the modify system settings complexity, the text shows that the site is at “downloads.blloc.com/ratio/ratiotool” when that isn’t where the file is located on your site.

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Can you share your ratio version number?

it should work now


sorry just saw the ask. glad it works now! we are still getting updates through blloc app even with the play store version?

You can now uninstall the Blloc services app and get regular updates through the Google Play Store.

“remove” is greyed out in the blloc services app info screen (see image). also i just got a notification to update via the services app even though no new version was showing up in my play store.

You can uninstall it via the android settings (apps and notifications should the menu be called I think). :blush:

okie! is the newest version on the app store and i just missed it?

(it would be great to be able to get to the Android app info screen from the ratio app info window to do stuff like this and clear caches and things)

You’ll always find the newest version in the Play Store. :blush:
I’d advise you to post the second part about the android app info screen on the wishlist post in this forum. :yum: