Messenger not showing up in tree

Since default messaging app is not working yet in a tree, i thought i’ll set fb messenger as a default and connect messenger to the tree. But it’s not showing in a tree, and i still receive the notifications from the app and not the tree.
I couldn’t find any info about whether fb messenger is not supported yet or is it not working only for me? Is this possible to have messenger connected to tree?
I’m using oneplus 8.


Welcome to the community @Magda!
Please beware that only messenger lite is supported, not messenger~


Is there any list of all supported apps?

Ratio currently supports the four apps shown in settings but there will be more communication methods added in the future~

Bro can you tell how you enable the telegram feature

Hi there

To enable telegram in tree
Goto ratio settings
Select tree
Select telegram
Enter mobile number which you use for telegram and login .
That’s it.

I can’t seem to make my Messenger Lite work, I still receive my conversations on the app itself and not the Tree. I have toggle it on and off multiple times.

Do you mean that the notifications are coming from Messenger or that the messages are not shown in Tree?

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The later:

But other apps (WhatsApp and Instagram) are working fine?

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Correct :slight_smile:

The only one not working is Messenger Lite. The rest are all working smoothly and with no problems.

Huh… weird… I personally don’t use Messenger so can’t help :sweat_smile:

Was this fixed? I’m having the same exact issue.

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Hello, try to check the messenger lite app. Then intently go to notification and sounds section or settings select or click the button on stating “only from this app” the tree will now receive notifications from messenger lite