[Mega Thread] Verification code not working

Hello guys,

I was pretty excited this morning finally receiving the invitation.
However when entering verification code to install ratio it says “Code not found or assigned to on another phone” which is not the case here.
I have registered for OP 7T Pro and installing on 7TPro.

Can someone please help here.
Thank you!!


I am also receiving the same message for my device. I registered for a Oneplus 7 Pro.

@adham thank you for the new code. It works now. Installed without any issue

@adham The new code is working for me also! Thank you.

Hi, Can I get a code for OnePlus 7, got one via email but it is not working.

My code is not working either

I had the same problem. Look for the email with the subject “Ratio Onboarding” and complete the survey. Your code should work after that.

Same here! My code is not working…

mine not working to , for pixel 3a

Mines not working, When I put my code in its says code invalid.

My code also not working

Try resseting your code

I did try, it says Email Id and code doesn’t match :frowning:

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I’ve also received an email with a code that says “code not found or assigned to another phone” when entered on my OnePlus 6T

members.blloc.com says email & code don’t match

I haven’t received a “Ratio Onboarding” email with a survey to complete either

anyone able to help?


says email and code doesn’t match

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Yea, Same thing with the email

Ask dev they can help you. @adham @Ismael @olivier

  1. Inserting an invitation code from the initial email into Ratio Light app - Code not valid.
  2. Following https://members.blloc.com/ - returns ‘Request failed with status code 525’
  3. Second try: ‘E-mail and code do not match’;
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How did you install ratio? With bllocdesk or apk?

@Jayanta APK, it let me install the launcher but I can’t use the code to activate the launcher