[Mega Thread] Ratio 4 and Tree - Discussions and Feedback

When pressing the home button it gets you back to tiles and that is how it should be.

However from the tree if you open a whatsapp message and then enter the app to send a voice message for example , pressing the home button should get you back to the tree not to the tiles .

At least that’s my opinion based on my use

i need this feature too

This is GREAT NEWS Blloc team ! You all are awesome .

There isn’t an option to customise haptic feedback on your phone with Ratio just yet. It’s a popular demand, though, so maybe we’ll see in due time if an ability to customise haptic feedback will be implemented!

when using clone/dual app on ratio we dont have separate icons/tile instead we have to choose which somehow downplay the privacy.
So my request is to make separate tile for clone app.

loving ratio alot🤩

Try a restart of Ratio or… well, wait until someone uses that app to message you. :sweat_smile: Hopefully it’ll be fixed~

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Mate, this is a suggestion, not an announcement from Blloc team :sweat_smile:

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Oh definitely! I find tree to be a bit too much, I actually think that I am forcing myself to use tree rather than using tree because it is less cluttered…

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I am seeing battery drain in my device. [Device is Samsung A50, Ratio 4.0.2. ]
With the location turned off, battery is slightly better, but still it drains the batter very fast.
Could you please look into?


Can you guys add a clock on the homescreen? Or a widget clock? Or custom widgets so I can add q clock? I can’t believe this launcher has no clock! This is outrageous!

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None of the images received through Whatsapp or Telegram can be viewed on Tree. Is it normal? If not what’s the solution? I am on OnePlus 5T 8GB RAM. Pls help :pray:t2:


Hello there.
Going straight to the topic, the light mode has a few, for lack of a better word, “bugs”.

  1. In this screenshot, you can see that the Drawer text looks just the opposite of what Ratio normally looks, that is this looks un-aesthetic. Now I have Nooooooooo Idea how this can be made to look better but I love that wallpaper so pleaseeeee look into it.

  1. The app tiles with fingerprint are transparent instead of translucent. I hope you will fix that in the next update.

  1. And finally, as many users have already pointed out, the custom wallpaper issue in recent apps screen. When I switch to light mode, the custom wallpaper changes to the one I set for light theme, but when I swipe up to open recent apps, it shows black. Now mind you, in the below GIF this creates a nice effect and I probably shouldn’t be complaining but other other people still face this issue.

Idk why but the Gif isn’t showing up. So you need to figure out from the text only. Sorry.



Thanks for your input, and welcome to the community! :wave:

  1. Blloc’s aware that some jarringly contrasting colours (light on dark mode, dark on light mode) can create this issue of visibility. They are looking into options to mitigate this issue right now. Do note, though, that there’s only so much that Blloc can do, since in the end it’s up to the user to choose the light and dark wallpapers for Ratio. The general rule of thumb that is advised would be to use dark-coloured wallpapers for the dark theme and vice versa for the light to prevent these issues for now.
  2. This seems like an intentional design choice, since the same design can be seen in the dark theme. If you’d like to suggest some changes - like tuning down the opacity of the black to make it more gray - you may do so here.
  3. Do you mind find an alternative method to sharing the GIF? That way, it’ll help Blloc understand your issue better.

Is it possible to greyscale the contact Avi on tree? I saw it on the promo material.

Also are there any plans for a Blloc theme on Samsung?

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Blloc mentioned that the decision to retain the colour of profile pictures is to make it easier for you to find the people you want to talk to - I presume this is more because a profile picture (and subsequently the colours in them) can play a helpful role in finding a Conversation faster. If you’d like request, the wishlist or Ratio4 thread is always there for your feedback!

There’s are some unofficial threads about customising Samsung phones (example here and here); if it’s of interest to you, do check it out! It’s very unlikely that Blloc will come up with a theme for a specific device, considering that it’s not inclusive of the Ratio experience. In my opinion, these community themes look great either way!

I hope this helps!


Adding to this, maybe add the option to eliminate the Lockscreen we set via Ratio Settings too, for people that want to revert and use their default phone lockscreens of you set them via the phone settings.

Dear Ratio,
I think you made an amazing app. I really like the tree, but i have to enable accessibility services every time (I think when the app restarts). I hope you can fix this!

Device: Huawei p20 pro
Ratio version: 4

Keep up the great work!

I am using tree since launched.But yesterday my tree doesn’t working.enabled all permission.but still it says 'enable notification access"…What can i do?

Hey I had a fairly good experience, till now but my whatsapp is acting funny like I am not able see any notification from the app for checking the message I need to open it to check for messages

Yup tried it, doesn’t appear, unless I’m blind I guess. I tried to reset default home app too.