[Mega Thread] Ratio 4 and Tree - Discussions and Feedback

Thank you for quick responses :+1:

I have a lot of groups in the telegram application in which I get annoyed by every message I get notification … they keep running in the background even when I mute them. However, even if I select and delete the relevant PIN, they will reappear when a new message arrives. My opinion is that it would be nice if we could pin our favorite groups or chat. Another thing is that when you open the links in the telegram, the whole ratio crashes and the stock launcher comes. You can see this. These are the problems I am facing right now.

Is there any options for adding more icon packs? If so that would be great or It would still be nice to have the facility to download whatever you like. I hope you understand :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes the accessibility service is getting switched off but the actual toggle in the settings, is not. That’s is still ‘on’ , Ratio is asking me to go and manually switch it off and then back on but doing so doesn’t seem to work for me. Yesterday I went to the ‘APPS’ section of my phone settings and ‘cleared all data’ for ratio and did a clean reinstall for ratio and the tree. That’s seems to have done the trick so far but it’s only been a day so it’s still too early to tell.

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Bug description

Whatsapp- Tree not working

Steps to reproduce

text ( messages ) on whatsapp are not shown in the tree when they arrive.


Moto X4 , Android 9

Ratio version:


  • The option is on for Whatsapp and instagtam for me.
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Hi, after making sure all permissions are granted, WhatsApp messages show up AS notifications come in.

You won’t see messages from before permissions are granted.

Tell someone to text you on WhatsApp and you should see the message in the Tree


I have all the necessary permissions granted. And have received messages on whatsapp. But there is nothing in the ‘Tree’.

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It should work automatically, btw also WhatsApp shouldn’t be muted

Also ratio needs full access, there’s a part where there are 2 Ratio permissions.

Try restarting your device and have a message sent again (unmuted).

If all fails, try doing a fresh install


Yup, i just reinstalled Whatsapp and turned on the notifications for it. Thank you so much!


Good to know!


Hi I’ve found two weird glitches that can be seen in the videos i uploaded in google photo:

You can see that the widgets in the root for some reason stretch the wallpaper, and in the other video you can see that system wallpaper is still running. I guess this has to do with the chance to change wallpaper based on the theme?

Also, for some reason calendar keeps telling me about the birthday of a friend that was on sept 15 (wtf lol), but this also happened in the previous versions

update: just noticed that sometimes when creating a tag for the tree, the emoji selection doesn’t appear and apparently there is not a way to edit that (while the tag can be edited by entering the tag visualization)

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Ratio 4 is great and i am loving it.
Some recommendations

  1. connect instagram chats as in telegram
  2. Ratio Style lockscreen
  3. Ratio keyboard (if possible)
  4. Custom icon pack
  5. Add sms to tree
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I can stand with the bugs and occasional malfunctions, I can stand with the low resolution icon (in the bottom right corner) but I can’t stand the fact that I can’t open a new paragraph in Tree!
Wishlist priorities:

  1. Enter key opens a new paragraph
  2. Improve the definition of the Blloc icon
  3. Bug fixes :joy:
  4. (If possible) Ability to send photos.
  5. (If possible) Messenger API (for IG support)?


I had whatsapp, instagram and messenger connected, but today, when I receive a message, I don’t receive it anymore on my tree, just on the app (messenger, insta,…)

Why is it deconnected ?
Thank you

Standard procedure:
(If you had granted all permissions)
Restart Ratio
Clear Ratio’s cache
Restart device
Uninstall and reinstall Ratio :joy:


@terrence Hin I have already restart ratio many times, clear the ratio’s cache without changes…

Restart my phone is not working… I lost all the profiles pictures…
But for whatsapp, when i write a message, it happen the whatsapp app, and send the message. For the others, don’t working.

uninstall and reinstall ratio works, but all my messages disapear…

Yeah… that’s pretty much all we can do until the consistency of Tree improves… :sweat:

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Bug description

Whenever i send a message through tree on whatsapp or telegram, its take me To the respective application and a popup come on the screen open specific conversations from main screen. I can’t find the specific conversations.


Oneplus Nord

Ratio version:

Ratio 4

Welcome to the community, @banshulpahwa04!
For me, the issue is gone when sb sends me a message through WhatsApp.
As for Telegram, maybe relogging helps?

Ok let me see.

Banshul Pahwa


I had the new version (4.0.0) with the tree.
It’s amazing, but I can’t see my messages on messenger.
I have installed Facebook and his version lite, and messenger with his version lite too.
I received messages, but nothing on my messages (in the tree)…

For Whatsapp it’s perfect, and Instagram is working (but there is a yellow button (!) who is staying on the conversation, while I have opened the profile of my friend.

I’m french and idk if someone understands my problem, but thanks a lot :smile:

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Should be a simple error I think, but I can’t seem to activate telegram on my tree, entered the correct code, but password always shows an error, but when I try to enter Telegram with the passcode, I am successful every time. Anyone know why and how to fix it?