[Mega Thread] Ratio 4 and Tree - Discussions and Feedback

Bug in whats app on tree, I can see the video message but nothing plays


Some feedback for the Zero18:

  • Sometimes (but to often) theres a bug where the tiles and tree are switching from one to another in an infinit loop. the only way to end this is trying to open the blloc settings during the switching of the two screens and then to restart ratio.

  • When writing to a contact in the tree it isnt always sure, that the massage goes to the correct contact/chat. often the message gets sended to an other chat/group. The tree also has refreshing issues. sometimes there are missing messages between other messages.

  • when applying the dark custom-wallpaper, it isnt dark. the wallpaper is just as bright as the original image.

Idea for the Tiles:
i think it would be be nice, if the aps, that are opened, are displayed at the bottom of the tiles as normal tiles but not in an folder. so you can easily close/open them again without having to swipe right to left and then scroll to the ugly android “open app display”

cheers from berlin to berlin

Welcome to the community RADACS!
3. You are meant to choose a darker wallpaper yourself to set as “Dark custom wallpapers”. “Dark” doesn’t mean that Ratio will darken it for you.
Hope that clears up the misconception~
I don’t have a Z18 so I can’t really help much. Sorry for that😅

okay thanks. in a earlier versions ratio dit this by itself. it was also possible to adjust the darkness/opacity.

Oh you meant that! I see.

SMS support in tree. Is it just me, or do we still lack the SMS support? When do you plan to integrate this? Cheers

It’s been something the team has set their eyes on for a while now! While I can’t tell when it’ll be released, there’s a high likelihood it will be sometime in the future. :wink:


Can I use telegram folders as # in tree?