[Mega Thread] Ratio 4 and Tree - Discussions and Feedback

I think Phone Call should be added to root

Ratio doesn’t effect my battery. I’m on an Essential.

I love the messages feature of Ratio launcher. I hope I can use SMS on Ratio. Like Google messages.

All the messanger and Instagram contacts gets disconnected when I restart my phone, The pictures of the contacts are also gone, can we do anything to keep them intact even after restarting.


i was wondering if in the root we can have not just spotify, but others as well, such as yt music, amazon prime music

Hi all,
first, thanks for the great concept - I love it and use it daily. For two reasons:

  • Really good design
  • Minimalist approach to usability

I had only one thing I wanted to improve before ratio 4: the minute counters on the main screen. I don’t like being disciplined by software, and I’m not obsessed with self-improvement, so for me those numbers are just unnecessary visual distraction, which I wished to turn off. They serve a separate function and should be for people who like self-monitoring.

But after Ratio 4 I got two more things to complain about.

  1. Wallpapers. I just love plain black background with white text. So elegant. Why was I forced to use images now? Of course, I created a black jpg and used it anyway. But this was a bad experience and indicates Ratio’s shift away from minimalism.
  2. Advertisement screen for Tree, which you cannot turn off. Wtf? I’m not interested in changing my messaging apps. I opted-in for a well designed minimal launcher, and this is what I want to have. Now I’ve got an entire screen with an ad for some messanger, which also ironically says "no spam. no marketing’’. But it itself is a brutal marketing, always present on my device, taking up entire screen. It s unacceptable.

I wish Blloc returned me the possibility to have a beautiful minimal launcher, with a black background and possibilities to switch off all the bells’n’whistles I do not intend to use.


I agre whit this message
Blloc whas more clean than ratio 4 now
So that is why I am not installing ratio 4 for now.

Meby you can bring back the blloc phone so it whas

It whas very good.

Vriendelijke groet
J de Vries

I have read all the settings guides, I believe I have all the notifications settings enabled, but I don’t see any sort of indication of new messages. I opted into Tree, it’s working as far as showing new messages when I swipe over to the Tree panel but there seems to be no indication that a new message has come in. I have to swipe over and check. Is that intentional since Ratio is supposed to minimize distractions? Can I somehow get notifications even if so?

Since switching to Ratio I’m not even getting sms notifications (I use default messages app from Google). I guess I thought I would still be getting them through the top notifications bar from Android

Phone is pixel 4

  1. You can always turn on focus mode, which brings it back to the original type.
  2. Feedback received. Will pass it on to the devs. Maybe, they can have an option to disable the tree panel, if one isn’t using it.

I’d like to suggest some subtle changes regarding the design of the sun mode. Readability of text is generally improved by bigger contrast to the background. Especially in direct sunlight, black on white background is very useful to increase the readability. Grey on grey or white on white variations are deadly for readability, especially in direct exposure to sunlight.

Here we can see the “classic” (default) tile design vs. the “bright highlight” design. The “bright highlight” design provides better contrast and readability and should be default in sun mode. The contrast of the search bar should be like the “bright highlight” design as well when sun mode is enabled as the grey on white design has poor contrast.

On the root screen, the contrast of the suggestion pills, search bar and text is poor and should be remade to match the “bright highlight” design in my opinion.

The tree also has elements with black on grey and grey on white scenarios which should, in my opinion, be eradicated from sun mode. There are similar scenarios inside the chats as well, but due to privacy I can’t delineate them. The “bright highlight” design would also be appropriate here.

So summing it all up, I think the “bright highlight” design language should be extended to all elements of the user interface in sun mode to increase readability. By “bright highlight” design I mean black text on white background with black lines to distinguish different elements (like the different tiles).

Edit: Different elements inside the Ratio settings page also have black on grey or grey on white scenarios in sun mode which, in my opinion, should be replaced by black on white design.


I concur with this assessment 100% :muscle:t3:

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Where do you see the ad in Tree?? I’ve never seen anything like that! Do you use another ratio or tree? I believe everyone can turn off their messaging app in tree if they wish to not use it.
I have a plain black background in focus mode. You can keep using focus mode if you wish to use the plain black background without ever use any wallpaper.


I’m wondering the same thing. I’d love to see Signal integrated into Tree too, but I’m not sure it would work with all of the encryption on Signal…I think it works a little differently than Telegram.


First at all, congratulations and thanks to the team for the hard work. It’s the most innovative launcher in years…

But I have a bug in tiles names…

As you can see the typography is changing, this happens after update my phone to a new MIUI version.
I have a Xiaomi Mi 9T (64 GB)

Not a big problem of course, but looks ugly that way…

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Thanks for tip on focus mode - never tried that.

How do you call this full-screen promotion to sign up for a messaging service? Not an advertisement?

This seems the older version of ratio i.e 3.**. You should downgrade to earlier version. Maybe you will not see this page! Eveeyone else wish to go along with the team seems have no problem with that page.

For that u need to check if you have enabled ratio notification and assistant

Hi folks… Happy new year to all of you.

Couldn’t find anything through the Search… But I’d love to see Threema support for the tree… :innocent:

Cheers, Ralf

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Where do I go to add suggestions. Can signal from signal.org please be added to tree. And can apple Music be supported as a root like spotify.