[Mega Thread] Ratio 4 and Tree - Discussions and Feedback

Hi guys,

I was having some battery drain issues with ratio 4, and what i did is given below.

  1. Cleared cache and storage for Ratio
  2. Restarted phone
  3. Install Ratio again

After I done the above things I have experienced improvements on battery life. It’s just merely a suggestion. I am not sure that it works for all. Thought of sharing with u all. Cheers

Phone : Oneplus 8 pro
RATIO ver: 4.0.2

Hey guys, couple of issues I’ve noticed in Tree:

  • In Whatsapp groups (I’ve only observed it here), the name of the person is sometimes replaced by the sequence asdfasdf. I’ve tried replicating the bug, but it seems to be random.
  • Sometimes, messages won’t show up in a chat. Only opening and refreshing it brings it back.
  • I don’t know if this is normal behaviour, but Tree won’t display images you send, but will display
    images other people send.
  • Replying to messages seems to be supported (because I can see the same reply format as in Whatsapp) but when double tapping the message to reply in Tree, it says ‘Reply functionality not available in Whatsapp’.

Can we please have the app tiles with fingerprint lock translucent instead of transparent? Like the tile is translucent and the fingerprint grooves are transparent.

Like on the hood of this car, see?

The tile can be like that foggy glass colour in the center and the fingerprint groove could be transparent and shiny like the rest. And the highlighted apps could have lime grooves instead of transparent. Wdy think?
Would look cool.

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I see a similar issue as well. It works well for sometime and later the chats just stops updating. I have to disable and enable accessibility services and notification services to fix this. It’s kind of annoying now that I have to do that on daily basis.

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What happens if you simply press ‘Submit’?

I just realised: how come I can apply the Moonshine icon pack, but not the Moonshine Pro icon pack?

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Yeah i reported the same some time ago

I was having a battery drain issue with the phone also slightly warm.
Tried @rentf123 method and it helps. Battery stays longer and the device is cool so far even with the same usage pattern as before.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ exynos

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Ratio is utilizing unusual battery which is around 27%. I have realised that since I am using Ratio my battery drains more quickly than often. Pls check the screenshot. Pls note that there is no option of Bllock Desktop anywhere in settings… Pls help :pray:

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Same thing here. My device consumes a lot of battery with Ratio, I use a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with Android 10 and Snapdragon processor

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If Ratio will use so much of battery overall health of the battery and phone will have an impact coz number of charging cycles would eventually increase. I usually charge 2 times a day but after using Ratio now I am charging almost 3-4 times a day. My phone is enough Ram (8 GB) and Processor Snapdragon 835. Lot of users have reported the same issue in different threads. I would strongly suggest developers to resolve this issue on priority basis.



My phone Get sometimes out if I whait to long

Can’t this a problem whit ratio 4 launcher by

Hi there.
It’s really hard to instant what you want to convey.

Can you be more clear in explaining your concern?

My Ratio was working fine but since yesterday I dont know what happened that Ratio started draining my phone’s battery at a really fast pace. My phone has also started getting slow and apps doesn’t open smoothly. There’s always some hang issue whenever I open or run any app.

It started acting this way since yesterday when I got the notification in my phone that Ratio is draining my phone’s battery at an unexpected rate.

I am attaching screenshot for reference.

Phone I use is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus
Ratio version 4 (latest)

Disable ratio notifications
Force stop ratio
Clear cache
Open ratio
May solve ur problem @syed.adnan.jilani

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I wiped cache partition in my phone. Seeing a little improvement after that.

Hmm… have all accessibility services been enabled?

Others are enabled except the ones which require for color/greyscale feature. As I don’t need this feature coz I have reading mode on my OnePlus 5T which converts the screen into greyscale/monochrome.

Is it possible to have a generic music player tile. Sorry I already made a separate post about this before I saw this thread.

Also is it possible to hide the pills on the root screen.