[Mega Thread] Ratio 4 and Tree - Discussions and Feedback

Hi everyone!
Hope you guys are enjoying the new update which brings you Ratio 4 and Tree!

Please use this thread to discuss everything related to Ratio 4 and Tree. All feedbacks and discussions are welcome.

Have fun!




Ratio 4 looks good but I would like to have live titels so you don’t have to open the titles any time.
As it whas on windows phone. Please can you make that. It would be great if you can make that.

Then you have a really minimalist phone. :iphone::slightly_smiling_face:

Greetings the Dutch


Bug description

In Tree only telegram is getting connected but not whatsapp and Instagram
How to connect whatsapp and Instagram ,already allowed and tried every settings is allowed ,options


Oneplus Nord

Ratio version:



Had this issue too. WhatsApp chats and Facebook/Instagram will appear when someone is sending you a message… And only these new and active chats will appear. Don’t know if this will change in a later update…


My tree is not working too. Not a single message is displayed! I have enables everything and every setting.

My device - Samsung Galaxy A50 Exynos
Version - Ratio 4 Android 10


Clear cache of ratio (not data)
Try restarting ratio.
Reboot your mobile.

I have the same model. Working fine.


Hi, i am using the same device and it appears for me. It works as the messages keep coming. Kind of adapting as and when messages are received… Hope this helps.

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Please kindly check out this post to see if the suggested methods help~

This is how the tree is supposed to work as it is using a notification listener (except Telegram) so it doesn’t know the chat history of the rest of IG, Messenger and WhatsApp.

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Does Telegram work?

tags disappearing when tagging someone in sun mode

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Thanks for reporting the issue! It has been filed and reported to the team.


Bug description

Cards pinned to the start are displayed with the accent color, rather than being transparent as in light mode. This breaks with the overall aesthetic and was displayed correctly in version 3. In Focus mode they are displayed correctly.

Steps to reproduce

Pin a card with dark mode turned on.


Huawei Y7 2019 Android 8.1

Ratio version: 4.0



As you should see in dark mode


Blloc made the decision to refine the UI of Ratio a little and changed the main background colour of pinned cards to Ratio’s accent colour; in other words, this isn’t a bug.

If you’d like to suggest changes for it, please do so in the wishlist!


Today installed ratio 4.0 and its really good as promised previously…thanx to developer’s and blloc team. Hope we can see more tree services in future update.

Telegram group notifications are irritates me and i cant remove them permanently from tree. When new messages come its shoeing in tree. Telegram need lot of improvements. I can’t see images links and etc. Anyway good work.:+1:

Need custom icon pack option​:grin::heart_eyes::star_struck:


Ratio 4 is amazing but the Tree seems to have quite a few bugs so far. Nothing big, one main one seems to be that the accessibility service keeps getting disabled even though the toggle is enabled. I don’t know why this happening in my device. I’ve tried restarting Ratio and tried switching the accessibility for the Tree ‘off’ and then back ‘on’ but nothing works, only rebooting the device seems to work. This small thing disconnects the chats in real time so then the chats are not updated in the list and so that’s a tad bit annoying. Other than that I’ve not seen anything. Amazing experience so far


Thanks for the report and the commendation!

Regarding your issue with Telegram, do you mind elaborating further? When you mention remove, were you referring to the Remove button when selecting a conversation? In that event, that temporarily removes your messages but doesn’t delete them; that way, when you receive new messages, the previous ones are still there to see.

If this isn’t an experience that you’d like, you may want to consider elaborating more here on what should be the proper user experience for you. What would you like Remove to be?

Of course, if your issue is not the above, please elaborate further on it as well!

Thanks for your report!

From what I understand, the accessibility service for the Tree keeps toggling off, is that right? Is this noticeable in the stock Settings app (i.e., do you notice if the toggle keeps toggling off in the Settings app)?