Meaningless time count - let us change this to data consumption or nothing


With a new Motorola phone I’ve decided to try a luncher - so far had Samsung with OneUI which I like a lot! So now reminded myself about Blloc and it looks that I’ll be here for longer.

But at first - this time count is pointless for most of the people. Unnecessary and unrelated to anything count which should be hidden or at least please let us select that maybe this would be a data count - you already collect this data so it’s possible.

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Hey Saeglopur, thanks for sharing your concern and welcome to the community!

One of Ratio’s goals is to regain control over your digital life. By extension, that means that it strives to cut down on things you find distracting. The time you used on each app would therefore be a prominent feature, giving you insight on how much time you’ve spent on the different apps on your phone. It’s also the reason why customisability isn’t the most prominent, since it’s better not to have more options to change if you’d want to reduce the time on your phone overall.

With that said, though, I think your idea is pretty good! Even with what was said above, Blloc continues to listen to user feedback. Where appropriate and given they have the resources to, they might just implement a user-suggested feature!

Thanks for your idea once again, and welcome!